How do you pronounce Akushio and what does it mean?

/UH-coo-she-oh/ Akushio a stylized spelling of the Greek word axios, which means “worthy” or “deserving of” . . . Because you are worthy and deserving of feeling beautiful and confident always!

What are the risks and challenges of crowdfunding?

First and foremost, successful funding!

Next, although I have extensively prepared for this launch and am working with trusted and experienced partners, there can still be potential delays with backorders and any other unforeseen roadblocks.

But, I promise to keep you up-to-date on everything that goes on, wins, challenges, and all! Claims in our video are not finalized and may change (for the better!) through the manufacturing process.

So, SHARE our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and via email with your friends and let's get the message out there!

Is the On-the-Go designed to be long-lasting?

Thanks to our partnership with an amazing NYC bag factory, Akushio is confident in serving you the best of the best! Made to last across every stitch and against any element (germs and water!), we are confident you will love your USA made On-the-Go Organizer for many years to come.

Can this be reused or recycled?

All of our materials can be upcycled! Akushio also plans to roll out a buy-back program so you can experience new colors and others can experience the magic of convenience and peace of mind the On-the-Go will bring you :)

Do you use sustainable materials?

Our faux leather is made without adding harmful ingredients like PVC and plasticizers. The manufacturer is also committed to recycling and reusing resources throughout its entire process and continuously strives to improve their practices and push the industry forward.

On-the-Go also has a recycled interior from the lining to the mesh! We are also fortunate to work with fabric dyers who use natural materials and a waterless process without compromising the chic look and expensive quality.

Is your factory environmentally-friendly?

We've partnered with an amazing bag maker in New York City who has been in the business for over 40 years! Maybe some of their iconic work is in your closet? Being local allows Akushio to cut air travel for both materials and myself.

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