Hello! Diane Chang of Akushio here. Thank you so much for following our journey!

Have you ever done something even though, in the back of your mind, you knew you would regret it? It could be sleeping in your makeup, not applying sunscreen, popping that zit . .

For me, it's not packing my skincare and makeup for travel because I'm not the most organized (I have so much stuff!) and a bit germaphobic from my colleges days 😖

I just end up hardly bringing anything!

And as a native West Coast girl, I got away with packing light and using what my friend had on hand without consequence because my skin was acclimated to the drier climate. But, back in the spring of 2019, I moved from Southern California to Washington DC and broke out in fungal acne due to the humidity of the East Coast.

And after overcoming that, I went on a short, but jam-packed summer trip to Georgia, which is how I broke out again, but this time in both fungal AND cystic acne . . . All while I was supposed to be enjoying my time off! It sucked!

That's why the next time I traveled, I was going to be so organized and put together when it came to MY perfectly-curated skin and beauty routine for MY skin . . . And what better way to fulfill that promise than with a travel-filled 2020 🤡 to commemorate the new decade? 

Of course, we all know 2020 had other plans . . . But, while I was daydreaming about all the countries I would see, I also began thinking up what would eventually become the On-the-Go Organizer!

So, I thought back to my college days when I used to share one bathroom with five roommates. You do the math!

👩🏻 + 👩🏼 + 👩🏽 + 👩🏻 + 👩🏽 = 🦠 🛁 🦠 🧽 🦠 🚿 🦠 🧼 🦠

I had to tote my little plastic shower caddy back and forth every single day. And when I was done, I tucked it away under my bed because the bathroom had no space for it! All those germs just accumulated under my bed 🙃

And since I barely had a walkway in my bedroom, I had to create a make-shift bathroom counter from the spare shelf of my also tiny wardrobe. During the design process, I thought about what college me would have loved to have to avoid all of ✨that ✋

The neat freak in me knew it was important that this toiletry bag:

💖 Kept itself clean and sanitized.

🧼 Had many smart pockets to hold all types of skincare and beauty products!

🧳 Was compact and easy to lug around

And here we are today! On Indiegogo RIGHT NOW! AND you’re in luck because we still have some Super Early Bird Specials for $100 off available!!!

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