3 Reasons You Need The Perfect Hanging Toiletry Bag

We need to talk about the On-the-Go Organizer!

After moving to the East Coast, breaking out in fungal acne, and figuring out how to clear it up, I visited my family in Atlanta, GA during the swelteringly humid summer without my newly curated skincare routine and broke out all over again!

Looking into it, it’s because I didn’t have a convenient way to travel with my skincare products. I figured I could do the usual “I’ll just use what my cousin has” as I always did when I lived in the California desert. But, the newfound East Coast humidity paired with the wrong products for my skin type, I realized that I had to break this habit and bring what I needed for happy skin.

I thought back to my college days when I shared a bathroom with five roommates, had to live out of a shower caddy, and store the rest of my skincare products in a tiny desk corner or closet shelf.

“What would I have loved to use back then to make transportation easy and, most importantly, sanitary!?” I asked myself.

And next thing you know, I mapped out a double-sided design to segment products based on their use (like shower vs. vanity, morning vs. night, and even his and hers) and researched heavily into antimicrobial materials and finishes to ensure germs don’t make a home on your beauty products to your precious face and body!

on-the-go antimicrobial toiletry organizer 1

When I received the first prototype, the concept along with the hidden hook and all-ways accessible pockets worked wonderfully!

My favorite products were neatly organized and not smashed together, so I didn’t have to rummage through any clutter to find what I needed.

As I tested out the bag, I noticed that there was no place to put the caps. What was the point of an antimicrobial bag if the gosh darn caps had to touch a dirty surface?

So, I added a mini placeholder pocket for them to ensure absolutely nothing will have to touch outside the cleanliness of your On-the-Go Toiletry Organizer. And the best thing was that I could use this in my everyday life, not just stuff it away until I could travel again.

You see the On-the-Go keeps all your must-haves in a safe, clean space. But, what I ended up loving most is how this toiletry organizer is as portable as it is a wonderful organizer and storage unit! I always hated the idea of rummaging through my things and taking them all out to need to store them back in.

Everything stays in its place and is compact enough to fit in a small section of your luggage.

I created The On-the-Go Antimicrobial Toiletry Organizer so you can have the safest, chicest way to travel with your beauty routine ready to go!

In creating it, I also learned some pretty cool things that I wanted to share with you:

1. We are creatures of habit and so is our skin!

Our skin has a cycle and our daily routines help it stay the course. So, even a day of not washing the face late at night will mean breakouts and inflammation the very next morning . . .

But, sometimes life gets so crazy that we compromise even when we don’t want to or, deep down, know we shouldn’t!

Here’s what you need to know: The decision to leave my skincare products behind was in part laziness, but also hassle and stress.

When visiting family, who stays in one place for too long? It was the idea of taking things in and out, to and from, and back and forth. I just didn’t want to deal with it!

Here’s what you need to do: While breakouts and bad skin should be reason enough to not forego your skincare routine, we don’t live in a bubble.

Sometimes, we don’t make the right choice for us when life is happening, but when we have something, like the On-the-Go to make the desired option the easy choice, it makes life easier and much more enjoyable!

2. Our skincare and beauty products need to travel with us more than we realize because we’re always on the move — not just when we’re on vacation!

I love working out, taking classes, and breaking a sweat. What’s great is the gym I go to has its own shower!

But, if I don’t even have the right toiletry bag to lug around my skincare for a week long trip, what makes you think I want to do it nearly everyday? At the same time, not showering after exercise means your sweat gets mixed in with bacteria, which can cause acne, body odor, and brown spots . . .

Here’s what you need to know: People like order; it’s when things don’t stay organized do some not bother.

Why spend the time and energy constantly sorting out your skincare products when it’s going to be messy again anyway? And to try take all of it with you?! Please.

But, when you are organized, you can relax and get comfortable, knowing that everything is in its place. And that’s what you can get with On-the-Go: the peace of mind and confidence that you will feel your absolute best anywhere in the world with your beauty routine ready-to-go.

Here’s what you need to do: You can stop packing, unpacking, and repacking when it comes to your beauty routine. With everything you need easily accessible, you can just zip up and go!

on-the-go antimicrobial toiletry organizer 2

3. With new places come new germs and that’s something you definitely don’t want on your face.

The inspiration of the On-the-Go was from my college days: five girls, one bathroom. You do the math!

When I took a shower, I had to place my shower caddy with all my bath products on the floor that was cleaned just once a week, the water and suds I used to get myself clean of the day’s sweat and germs splashed back onto everything that I was using . . .

That’s why a toiletry organizer with antimicrobial properties was a paramount feature that made On-the-Go as purposeful as it is chic – from the recycled nylon interior to the brass hardware, bacteria has no home here.

Here’s what you need to know: Upon research, there were sustainable and ethical sources for antimicrobial properties for easy-to-clean and keep clean materials. But, I had to get savvy in piece everything together for a completely antimicrobial product – inside and out!

Here’s what you need to do: The shower curtain and bathroom floor harbor 60x more bacteria than the toiletry seat. Secure your peace of mind and ensure the products getting you clean keep you clean in the safe zone of On-the-Go!

Want to see what The On-the-Go Antimicrobial Toiletry Organizer can do for you?

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