The 5-Step Framework for Taking Time off Work to Travel!

Are you feeling overwhelmed about balancing your traditional career job and aspirational travel plans?

We have a tendency to get stuck with the nitty-gritty when balancing work and play; from accruing all your vacation days to picking a good time to take off work in order to travel – not to mention saving up the actual money to do so and squeezing in some time to see your family on holidays or major events. . . and, it’s only gotten more complicated with the present global situation.

The only consolation is that with virtually no travel right now is that we have time to reconvene our strategy on how to have your cake and eat it too!

Breaking It All Down: The 5-Step Framework

You will be surprised by the number of novice Beautipolitans who don’t actually have a game plan when it comes to balancing work and play . . . Before they know it, years have passed and they still haven’t traveled anywhere despite working so hard to move up in their career.

The reason?

No pointers to guide them and boost their confidence when asking for time off. That’s why having a game plan is absolutely essential. To help, we would like to share some guidelines used by more experienced CGs, who climbed that ladder and still boarded their planes!

Here are 5 things you should do at your traditional workplace to get enough time off to trot the globe:

1.) Request time off as early as possible.

You have to do this before you even think about looking at the other four points. Time-off requests are typically on a first-come-first-serve basis. This will also give your company an idea of how covered they will be. First dibs become first yes, so go get it!

2.) Extend your vacation with holidays.

It’s harder to get objections about time-off during the holidays when they’re so far away.

Say you want to travel somewhere over the summer – have the Fourth of July take up one of your days off. You can either give yourself an extra day to recuperate or save the vacation time for quick day trip.

3.) Celebrate the holidays abroad with family.

Two birds with one stone!

We know it can be hard to plan for things with even just one other person, but if you don’t have a lot of days off, this is one of the best ways to scratch your travel itch and spend precious time with loved ones.

4.) Getting the best priced flight during high-season travel times.

Buy your tickets 5 weeks prior for domestic and 2.5 months prior for international between Monday at midnight and Tuesday at 9pm for the lowest priced tickets. Did you know that the high prices are sold between Thursday at midnight to Saturday at noon?

And be sure to be “Incognito” when searching and booking because airlines will increase prices if they get cookies showing you’ve searched for certain flights repeatedly!

5.) Use your sick days for random days off instead of your vacation days.

We know you’re too focused on your career to abuse this, but with how unpredictable life has gotten this year – things happen! Just remember to think of the big picture and do your best to never touch your vacation time for those things.

In the meantime, stay healthy by practicing good hygiene, sanitizing your work space vigilantly, and washing your hands frequently!

Alright, you just discovered a great jumping off point to mastering the balance of work and play.

However, a word of warning – just knowing how to these 5-steps isn’t going to resolve all your traveling woes.

For example, packing your toiletries and cosmetics . . . if you're serious about skincare and beauty, then you probably have an extensive collection too!

And you definitely don't want to ruin all the great progress you've made with your skin or have all those hotel bathroom germs get transferred all over your stuff.

Well, we have the solution for you!

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