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  • The 5-Step Framework for Taking Time off Work to Travel!

    Are you feeling overwhelmed about balancing your traditional career job and aspirational travel plans?

    You will be surprised by the number of novice Beautipolitans who don’t actually have a game plan when it comes to balancing work and play . . . Before they know it, years have passed and they still haven’t traveled anywhere despite working so hard to move up in their career.

    Here are 5 things you should do at your traditional workplace to get enough time off to trot the globe!

  • How to Safely Check Into Your Hotel Alone

    My first time traveling alone, I checked in like I have before – as if I were with a group of people because that’s how I’ve always done it.

    Later that night, I laid in bed and my mind began racing with the first “what if.”


  • First Time Traveling Alone? Here’s a Lucky Set of 13 Solo Travel Tips From Travel Veterans!

    Congratulations, you’ve made the amazing decision to travel the world! You pictured yourself in the moments of what it would be like on your own in a new country for the very first time.

    Imagine how you’d feel if you knew how to walk the walk and talk the talk, like you’ve done this a million times before . . .

  • Are You Making Any of These Novice Mistakes at the Airport?

    We wanted to write to you today to bring light to a mistake that many travelers have been doing – and frankly, I’ve had enough!

    Enough of seeing so many of you running into these problems when it comes to best airline itinerary practices . . .

  • How to Select a Travel Credit Card in 3 Easy Steps

    If you’re trying to travel the most cost-efficient (not cheap!) and least stressful way, then what better way than through credit cards!

    It’s a great way to maximize your travel benefits.