How to Safely Check Into Your Hotel Alone

My first time traveling alone, I checked in like I have before – as if I were with a group of people because that’s how I’ve always done it.

Later that night, I laid in bed and my mind began racing with the first “what if.”

Someone could have heard where I was staying and followed me! Thankfully nothing happened. At the same time, I could have saved myself the self-induced panic and anxiety.

This got me thinking, I couldn’t be the only person going through this!

So I researched smart and effective ways to find and check into hotels from hotel employees AND military personnel – I’m talking about a deep-dive people!

We went over some basics of traveling alone here but security requires a little more.

Still extremely important information there, don’t get us wrong! But, preparing to be there is different than preparing to get there.

And the last time I traveled alone, I did all these things and I never had those late-night runaway thoughts! My dreams were focused on the amazing food I’d eat and places I’d experience instead . . .

So if you’ve been looking for how to safely check into your hotel alone, here’s what you need to do:

1. Show; Don’t tell!

The first time I traveled alone to California, I used to think checking in carefree, “yeah, that’s my name; this is my room” was fine because it was how I always checked in. The thing was I always only checked in with other people!

But I realized that same night that there was 1.) power in routine and 2.) power in numbers. That’s why when I went into that hotel alone, I just acted like I wasn’t. And when I was laying in bed late the same night that I realized I didn’t have the same sense of security as I did by myself.

Try this: Show the clerk your reservation and ID and ask them to write down your room number without saying it out loud.

It’s natural to want to fight those feelings of insecurity. You’re strong and independent. Heck, I practiced judo; I can throw hands! And I damn well can be in a hotel alone. But, there’s no shame in embracing those feelings of unease. Taking precautions will allow you to let your guard down and truly relax.

Pride’s a sin after all 😉

2. The buddy system.

Walking down corridors alone is always a bit creepy because it’s so empty and an unfamiliar place. And if someone is there, you know your brain jumps to the idea that you’ll end up on those murder shows you love to binge.

Try this: Ask the clerk to have someone walk to your room with you to do a sweep.

When I did, I realized the tension in my body went away as I walked down the hallway with someone. While I didn’t request someone walk back with me every time, going down an unfamiliar path once with a buddy made the next time much more . . . well, mundane – in the best way possible!     

The peace of mind that someone is with you in case the worst happens is priceless. You can also use this opportunity to ensure the room is empty and the locks are functional for both doors and windows.

If there are any defects, you can request a room change right away. If everything checks out, I also find this the best time (read: less awkward) to request new bed covers, sheets, and towels!

Safety from the “invisible” dangers is important too, ya know?

3. Who goes there?

If there was a knock at the door for room service – don’t just open it without a second thought!      

Socially anxiety would tell you it’s weird to not answer – only for this actual hotel employee to open the door with their master key. The horror!

Try this: Ask them to identify themselves of their position and name if they haven’t and say “yes, give me a minute please.” Call the lobby to verify what they told you.

The person knows you’re in there and you did not dismiss them, so they’ll still be there if in fact they are who they say they are.

If they are an imposter, you have someone on the phone already! Have security sent up and request a room change or a total check out for a worst case scenario.

An awkward interaction is better than any potentially nasty altercation!

There you have it!

Traveling alone in a foreign place is both exciting and a bit scary, but with a little preparation, you will make the most of it 😊

Want to know what else is scary? Germs and breakouts!

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