TOO DRYING? The 3 Best Ways to Apply Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide (BP) tackles acne and breakouts — FAST!

The best part? Bacteria can’t “get used to” it. So, if it works for you, it will continue to work for you!

Here are some other highlights:

  • Antibacterial: BP uses free radicals to attack those pesky acne-inducing buggers (not all free radicals are bad!).
  • Oil-soluble: Clears out your pores by loosening the skin cells that were clogged by oil.
  • Anti-inflammatory: IMO this is the best effect of BP as long-term inflammation of the skin can be irritating and painful — physically and emotionally!
  • Well-researched: In the realm of cosmetic chemistry, few ingredients are as readily proven to work as BP! This, of course, is no shade to any new ingredients on that market — they most definitely can work; science just can’t say.
  • Affordable: There are a lot of drugstore options with BP! In fact, there’s more drugstore ones than high-end 😉

Is this product perfect? Of course not.

Benzoyl peroxide is incredibly drying!

And it’s what makes people seek other alternatives, like salicylic acid, which doesn’t offer the same benefits as we listed above.

But, fret not! Here are the 3 ways to apply BP without experiencing the dryness:

  • Instead of the classic 10% that most people have used and suffered dryness from, go for a 2.5% concentration.
  • Use a 4% BP facial cleanser instead of a leave-on product, as even 5 minutes of BP will still be very effective!
  • Spot treat! This is my favorite for large pimples that show up at the worst possible times and useful when I can only find 10% concentrations.

Won’t spot treating overly dry out that one area though?

I’m glad you asked! Put the tiniest dot on top of your pimple and then dollop on your regular moisturizer on top of it. Having a physical barrier surround your spot will keep it hydrating will the BP does what it does.

I hope this was informative as I think you’ll really enjoy adding this ingredient in your routine if you haven’t 😊

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