Are You Making Any of These Novice Mistakes at the Airport?

We wanted to write to you today to bring light to a mistake that many travelers have been doing – and frankly, I’ve had enough!

Enough of seeing so many of you running into these problems when it comes to best airline itinerary practices.

Here’s the thing, when people fly, they aren’t making the most of the system.

All the advertisements and sponsored blogs bombarding us today – it’s hard to know what’s the best and financially-sound (doesn’t necessarily mean economical/cheap) way to travel.

And that’s when you end up throwing away your hard earned money that could have made this the best trip yet.

You absolutely HAVE to avoid these at all costs:

1.) Passing up Loyalty Rewards Credit Cards

With so many airlines, how does one possibly choose which company’s credit card to get?

Well, did you know a lot of airlines form alliances to allow their shared customers to use their rewards across different companies?

There are 3 major alliances (and their major U.S. counterparts): SkyTeam (Delta), OneWorld (American), and Star Alliance (United).

Some don’t even have annual fees! Those points add up and when the pandemic is over, you might have even gotten enough points for a free ticket. 😉

For more details, check out our blog post on it here – after finishing this one up of course!

2.) Not getting TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry

“I dOn’T tRaVeL eNoUgH tO nEeD iT.”

You can get TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry for $185 combined for a 5-year membership. If you travel even once a year within that time period, that’s just $37 more a flight!

TSA Pre-Check saves you time (you can never make this back!) and could save you money when you’re THIS close to missing your flight.

And what’s Global Entry? It can be simplified as TSA Pre-Check for when you get off the plane. The list of partner countries is small, but well curated (read: major travel bucket list items can be checked off with this).

Those who have taken the plunge haven’t regretted it!

3.) Booking through a third party travel agency.

Repeat after us: There will NEVERRrrrr be a third party website with a better deal than the actual company!

Feel free to look through those websites to see what’s available, but 100% of the time, the actual airline or hotel will have the best voucher deals.

Also, fun tip that’s never advertised: you have 24 hours to change or cancel your flight without any fees or penalties.

4.) Only checking for flights on third party travel agency websites.

Like we said, the ads and sponsorships make those websites seem like they have all the best information too – but, they don’t!

Two words: flight aggregators. You can not only find nearby airports, but also all the possible connecting flights as well for the trip or deal that’s best for you. We recommend ITA Software by Google.

And there you have it – four simple steps on avoiding novice traveler mistakes. Now that you know how to best prepare like a pro, there’s just one thing left for you to do . . . take action!

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